Electrical  Accessories


Sreka Neatcap has been designed to enhance the appearance of surface wiring in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

With its speed and ease of installation it offers the contractor a simple tidy method of installing unsightly cables in the most demanding situation.


Simply fix the base plate in position, lay the cable in and snap on the cap and fittings.

The clever design of the one piece fittings has eliminated the use of a base plate for each fitting, only the back plate of the cap need be fixed in place.

The design of the fitting also allows for a generous tolerance when cutting the cap to length, minimising wastage.  The fittings snap in place and require no other means of fastening.

Sizes Available
Three sized of Neatcap are available in standard 2.4 metre lengths.

  • Cat No. N15 – Depth 12mm Width 15mm
  • Cat No. N22 – Depth 15mm Width 22mm
  • Cat No. N35 – Depth 20mm Width 35mm

NOTE: Dimensions shown are approximate inside sizes.

Colours Available
Three colours are available white, brown, black.


High impact P.V.C. Poly Vinyl Chloride as specified in NZ 2250 Part1 Rigid P.V.C. Conduit Fittings for Electrical Wiring.