Traffic  Safety

Reflective Raised Pavement Marker

The Southern Star Reflective Raised Pavement Marker is an innovatively designed, high quality alternative to the traditional epoxy filled marker. The Southern Star has an extremely high reflective output. Handing and transportation are made easier and cheaper by the light weight and unique shape. Savings of 15% to 20% on installation costs can be achieved, providing cost effective benefits.


  • Width 95mm x 95mm
  • Height 20mm


  • The markers body is mounted from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). This provides a tough durable casing which will not compact, collapse or delaminate (a common fault in epoxy filled markers when used in heavy traffic areas).


Cat No. Colour Carton Quantity
PM1 White/White 50
PM2 Mono/White 50
PM3 White/Yellow 50
PM4 Yellow/Yellow 50
PM5 Mono/Yellow 50
PM6 Mono/Red 50
PM7 Blue/Blue 50
PM8 Green/Green 50
Other combinations available on request including Audible Domes