Electrical  Accessories


Squarecap has been designed to enhance the appearance of surface wiring in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

The four sizes available will cater for the requirements of most installations.

The casing is strong and durable and will take up any inequalities in wall the ceiling surfaces with ease.


Simply fix the backplate to the wall by any suitable means.

It is recommended that for installations at low level fixing centres should not exceed 300mm and at high level a maximum of 500mm should be used.

Sizes Available
Four sizes are available in standard 2.4 metre lengths.

  • Cat No. SQ15 – Depth 10mm Width 15mm
  • Cat No. SQ25 – Depth 15mm Width 25mm
  • Cat No. SQ30 – Depth 15mm Width 30mm
  • Cat No. SQ45 – Depth 25mm Width 45mm

Three standard colours are available.
Brown for use on woodgrain surfaces.
Black and white for general purposes.

Production quantities of other colours can be supplied on request.

High impact P.V.C. Poly Vinyl Chloride as specified in NZ 2250 Part1 Rigid P.V.C. Conduit Fittings for Electrical Wiring.