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PVC Cable Duct

Sreka P.V.C. Cable Duct provides a neat and efficient method of installing cables and pneumatic control tubes in cubicles housing switchgear and control equipment.

Assembly, inspection and commissioning times are greatly reduced. Modifications involving the addition or replacement of wiring can be simply achieved thus minimizing the time required to carry out this type of work.

Types Available
Three standard versions are available in the three sizes offered:

  • Plain Unslotted Sides – For use where minimum access is required.
  • Closed Slotted Sides – Allows access for cables from both sides without impairing the rigidity of the ducting.
  • Open Slotted Sides – Allows maximum access for cables.

Snap on, snap off. The ducting has been designed so that the cap fits within the square profile of the ducting, this allows the ducting to be mounted alongside components and flush with cabinet walls without impairing access to the cap at the time of removal.

Cable Access

To enlarge cable access area or for jointing purposes, simply cut upper edge of finger free and snap off at lower edge break line.

Rigid P.V.C. is generally recognized as a non-combustible and self-extinguishing material. Its resistance to chemicals, oxidation and moisture makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of ducting.

Light grey.

Cleaning may be achieved by washing surface of ducting with a cloth soaked in soapy water.


Cat No. A B C D E
PD30 30 60
PD50 50 60
PD75 75 60
D30/OS30 30 60 10 35 9
D50/OS50 50 60 10 35 9
D75/OS75 75 60 10 35 9